IV. Real — Values of Natural Heritage

Mastery and Product are real, or natural, values.

Mastery is skills developed and passed in tradition that make the experience of achieving a goal inevitable and repeatable.

 Product is something valuable an individual produces, born from him naturally and irresistibly. Before it becomes a Service or Goods on the market, it should be given an appropriate design and brought into line with the expectations of society.

The product created by the Master devoted to his Mastery can be called real, as it gains inner strength without losing functionality for people. Its price in the market can be well above those created purely for financial profit, and over time its value will only grow, while a product created just to sell more and more profitably on the market will depreciate over time.

How to determine is a product real or phony, that is, hollow, and distinguish it among the Goods or Services presented on the market?

There are four attributes of a Real product:

  1. Functionality, i.e., the ability to consistently repeat the action for which it is intended.
  2. Naturalness, i.e., the correspondence of a producer’s actions to his nature, and material of the product — to his corporeality, both in composition and sensations.
  3. Human-made, i.e., the product required the application of human skill or craftsmanship.
  4. Made with dignity, i.e., the form of the product serves the content, and the content serves the essence, thus giving a holistic and complete, perfect feeling.

Each subsequent feature complements the previous one, and the more features a created product possesses, the more real it is. However, for a product to become a part of a Heritage, preserved over generations, all four characteristics must be present.

Nowadays, natural Heritage is left extremely rarely, since leading one’s business as a family enterprise comes into more and more contradictions with the current trends. That what is called “family business” often hides subservience not to human nature but money. Moreover, the now widespread notion that children must themselves discover and realize their natural potential without any connection with what their parents are doing, leads to an individual does not reach the heights of skill, no family tradition is established, and, at best, a man will only be able to leave his successors a social Heritage.