Why The Real?

The real is something naturally powerful, attracting life for its continuation, just as a man attracts a woman. The real is preserved by life itself, it is it’s cause and meaning. We don’t have to worry about life being real. It is enough for it to be natural. If we encounter happiness somewhere, there is always something real as its source, more so if it is consciously supported and cultivated by people.

The real is something very specific — a place, a thing, a business, a type of knowledge, or a person. It finds us to reveal the power within us, just as an eagle circling around in the sky, reveals and conducts the power of Heaven through itself. It neither demonstrates nor sells itself, it represents a strong, restrained essence. Although often hidden behind a bland and modest look, it can be recognized by us as something intimate and close-up.

There is not much real left in our lives and due to this, we ought take care that life itself does not pass us away. Supporting the masters who produce real things, visiting places that have real power — it is the continuation of that same real thing within us, and the invitation of happiness in our lives. This is the purpose of our project. On our website you will only find people, things, and places we know, value, and have visited personally. That allows us to believe that our website itself, is real.

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