I. What is Heritage

Heritage is that valuable in which we invest conscious efforts and time of our lives and what we intend to pass on to our successors, followers or descendants to continue the tradition of our genus.

Being representatives of the highest spirit — the genus — we discover our existence in this world in several forms. As a physical object, we leave physical traces in the environment. As a natural creature, we leave offspring and products of our life activity. As a human being of a certain genus, we must leave a clear and well formed heritage that continues our genus in generations.

Heritage is the highest way available for a spiritual being to transmit the way of life to himself who, after this life, will be born in a new body. This is how we set the proper trend to our next birth and remain in the good memory among people we know.

Why is it so important to us that other people remember us well?

Because the gratitude from others makes an individual, as a spiritual being, lighter already in this life. We need this good remembrance like an air in order to easily move upward, and not to sink into low planes under the weight of karmic debts and unkind thoughts, words or even curses of those who used to know us before.

It’s only a matter of time when a man starts to worry about what he will leave behind — what values, to whom exactly, and what words others will use to remember him.

Only those who have realised themselves as a spirit and not as a mortal body, can just as consciously prepare the next incarnation — by discovering the opportunity to be born in a genus not by blood, but by spirit. It is best to start working on this as early as possible, before leaving this plane, as it will take a lot of time and effort.

When understanding and accepting the idea of Heritage we must prepare it for those who, through us, will join our genus or will be related to it. We must also realise the need to accept it from someone whose genus we in our turn will be related or join ourselves. For the movement of our soul into its higher birth, already in this life we need to start receiving spiritual Heritage from someone representing our own or a higher genus.

Lifetime is limited. A human being spends it in one way or another, but we can spend it either unconsciously, and then the Heritage will most often turn out to be meaningless, or consciously, and then it will help to live a decent life and create the due trend for ourselves in the future, for our children and followers.

Spending time on what is due and right means investing into something that will last for a long time, better — for the whole life, even better — in generations. The best is if it exists eternally.

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II. Levels of Heritage

Six types of human-generated values form a hierarchical system. Each of them can be a Heritage. It is important to know yours.

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III. Eternal — Values ​​of Ancestral Heritage

Knowledge and Relationships, or the laws governing everything in the universe, and the optimal structure of connections between people.

IV. Real — Values of Natural Heritage

Goal as an internally visible image of the desired future and Product created by a Craftsman devoted to his craft.

V. Changeable — Values ​​of Social Heritage

Service, an action to satisfy the needs of customers, and Trade with goods, as something acquired for exchange.

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VI. Continuity

Sooner or later, the creator of the family business will face the problem of inheritance and the need to educate a successor.

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VII. Individual maturation in society

Only an individual who is mature by the social standards, who has experience of being able to achieve his goals and the ability to generate income, can seriously pursue the idea of ​a Heritage.

VIII. Building a Clan Structure

Only by uniting in a structure and possessing knowledge, people acquire the opportunity to discover the entire range of development of the human soul.

IX. Back to the Source

The revival of the clan as a living vertical structure is our duty to our ancestors and descendants and at the same time the possibility of our development and the movement of the soul upward.

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